When closed

Closed: no regular swimming lessons 2018 – 2019

Autum: Closed starting from Monday 22 October 2018 – Open again Tuesday 30 October 2018

Christmas: Closed starting from Monday 24 December 2018 – Open again Tuesday 8 January 2019

Krokus: Closed starting from Monday 25 February 2019 – Open again Tuesday 5 March 2019

April: Closed starting from Sunday 21 February (1st Easterday ) – Open again Tuesday 29 April

Whitsunday (1e Pinksterdag): Closed Sunday 9 July 2019

Summer: Closed starting from Monday 22 July 2019 – Open again Tuesday 3 September 2019

ATTENTION: Subject to change

When our swimming school is closed due Holidays the fee for swimming lessons is not charged.
Het lesgeld wordt berekend naar de hoeveelheid lessen die in die maand vallen, daardoor verschilt het lesgeld per maand. The lessonfee is based on the number of lessons in a particular month, therefore the charge can differ per month.

We are closed certain periods and not per definition every schoolholiday! In case the schoolholiday of your child is not the same as the period that we are closed, please send us an notification of absence.

We are not able to reckon with all the schoolholidays because of the following. In the Netherlands the schoolholidays vary:
1. Per region (North, Middle and South)
2. Sometimes per Municipality in the same region
3. Sometimes per school in the same Municipality
4. Britsh School, American School, International School etc.

See also conditions “closing dates”