CORONA NEWS up date: 14 December 2020

Dear parents,

Due to the press-conference on the 14th of December the following.
We are CLOSED till later notice.

We will not go ahead of ourselves, because it can go either way.  This with in mind the 1st closing in March/April and the 2nd closing in November.

News/changing measures we will post on the page.

We wish you strenght with all the measures/closings, but despite everything we also wish you happy holidays.

Kind regards, Joyce & Renz


Urgent request to read the measures below BEFORE your visit to our swimschool.

Mask INSIDE (from the age of 13 years):
-In case you WALK: use a mask.
-In case you SIT in an “Eames Chair”; you can take it off.

Standard measures i.m.v. everybody already know:
1. Do not visit our swimschool in case of  cold, sneezing, cough, sore throat, shortness of breath, fever (over 38⁰C).
Source: Rijksinstituut voor Volksgezondheid en Milieu (RIVM)
Ministerie van Volksgezondheid, Welzijn en Sport
“Guidelines for children with a cold”
I refer to the concerning page on the website of RIVM/MVWS.
ATTENTION: Versions change rapid, it is parents responsibility to refresh the browser for the latest version (or search for the latest version on the internet if the page is not found).
click here:
-Source: BOINK
“Decision tree children with a cold. ”
I refer to the concerning page on the website of BOINK.
Here you can find a link (in English) the “decision tree”.
This is a test to check if your child is allowed to go to school yes/no?
ATTENTION: Versions change rapid, it is parents responsibility to refresh the browser for the latest version (or search for the latest version on the internet if the page is not found).

click here:
2. Do not visit our swimschool in case a member of your family has fever over 38⁰C  and or shortness of breath.
3. Obey the 2 weeks quarantaine.
4.  keep the 1.5 meter distance. Exeption for children  UP UNTIL the age of 12 years to adults.
5. Cough and sneeze into your elbow and use paper tissues
6. Wash the hands regularly according to the RIVM guidelines.
7. Avoid touching your face.
8. Don’t shake hands with others.

Complement at the measures 1 up untill 8:
I. Stay at home in case a person in your household is tested with COVID 19.
Stay at home till 14 days after the last contact with this person.
II. Stay at home in case you had the COVID 19 (tested with a laboratory-test) and this is quantified in the past 7 days.
III. Stay at home in case you are in home-isolaton because you had directly contact with a person with quantified COVID 19.
IV. Go home immediately in case during the sportactivity the following symptons appear/start: cold/sneezing, cough, shortness of breath, fever


9. The time-span in our accommodation must be minamalised.
10. The use of sanitairy-facilities in our accommodation must be minamalised.
11. The number of visitors in our accommodation must be minamalised end dosed.

12. Regarding to the 1,5 meter:
10 minutes before the start of your lesson you are allowed to enter the waitingroom in a “dosed” way (sorry, not earlier).
In case you do not succeed in sliding the door open, Joyce locked the door (momentarily) because of “dosing”.

– In case you are too early:
. wait in your car
   . or on a chair on the “landing” (clean your hands before seating).

– The route is visible on the floor. In case neccesarry, help your child to maintain the route and the 1,5 meter.
– A child can not set foot in the swimschool alone, he/she must wait at his/her father/mother.

 Only 1 person from the household of the child is allowed in the waitingroom. A child (no matter what age) is counted as 1 person.

14. Parent & child: clean hands with the handgel BEFORE entering our waitingroom.
– Handgel is available at a table.

– Parent please help your child with this: 1 drop is enough.

15. At our swimschool each child always has his/her own personal dressingroom that can be locked.
We organised it in a way that next to every dressingroom is an “empty” dressingroom.
On the door of the dressingroom we point which dressing-room you can use.
– In case the lesson starts at the half hour (9.30 hours, 15.30 hours, etc.) dressingroom: 1, 3 or 5.
– In case the lesson starts at the whole our (9.00 hours, 16.00 hours, etc.) dressingroom: 2, 4 or 6.

16. Help your child (no matter what age) BEFORE the swimlesson with undressing.
See to it that the belongings are on the clothes-rack  and that they do not end up in the dressingroom next to yours.

17. Help your child (no matter what age) AFTER the swimlesson with drying, dressing and packing.
Please see to it that the belonges are taken home and nothing stays in the dressingroom.

18. After the swimlesson please leave the swimschool a.s.a.p. (concerning 1,5 meter).

19. Blow-drying the hair is not allowed in this phase.

20.  Please shower at home afterwards. 

21. Please go to the toilet at home.
We understand that controling toilet-visit can be difficult for a child, therefore your child can go to the toilet in our swimschool too.

A) Point your child, that he she must urinate in the toilet, NOT in the pool.
B) After defecation, first close the toilet-valve, than flush.
C) After defecation please:
-Clean the toilet-seat, the toilet-valve and the door-handles.
Cleaning-cloths and cleansers you can find on your road to the toilet.
-If neccesary brush inside the toilet.
-In case toilet paper is on the floor, pick this up and flush through the toilet.
D) Cleaning-cloths in the pin!
Do not flush them through the toilet, our swimpool-sewer can not handle this.
E) Afterwards clean the hands with handgel.
Also without Corona point 21. (A t/m E) is pleasant for the person who enters the toilet after your child.

22. Touching objects must be avoid as much as possible.

If it makes you feel more comfortabel you can use the cleansers we have in the waitingroom.
For the leather-chairs please only use the leather-cleaner.  

23. In case it is not necessary please do not stand in the corridor near the dressingrooms or in the “landing” in front of the toilet (concerning 1,5 meter).

24.  Placing stickers is possible again, with the condition that it does not bother the 1,5 meter amongst adults.

25. Sorry dear parents: In this phase no coffee/tea. (Measures 29 September 2020: sportcanteens closed.)

In case it appears that we forgot an important measure or a measure is not complete, we will adjust this.

For your information:

RIVM and Dutch Cabinet did open the inside swimpools because the risk is manageable.
Source: Nationale Raad Zwemveiligheid (NRZ).

The interior/facilities in the accommodation are conform the Protocol, date 15 June 2020, version 1.6  

Teaching is done conform the Protocol, date 2 July 2020, version 2.1

We removed 4 lounge chairs + de childrens play-corner.

For the duration of the Corona-period we created a temporay “landing” to use as waiting-area during the transsition of lessons (see pictures below).

Between the seats in the waiting-room 1,5 meter distance.
But also between the seats cough-shields (see picture below).

Markings on the floor.

In the waitingroom we always have an extraction system. In this phase the extraction system is in the highest position (therefore slightly more “noise” in the background).
In the waitingroom we normally have one of our doors open ajar as much as possible. In this phase one of the doors is open ajar for ventilation permanent.

In our swimpool we always have beside an extraction system also ventilation in the swimpool (see below  Hygiene, Safety and Water Quality Bathing and Swimming Facilities Act (Whvbz and Bhvbz).

In good weather you can – as always – sit outside on our patio (see picture below)

We have – since the existence of our swimming school – complied with the Hygiene, Safety and Water Quality Bathing and Swimming Facilities Act (Whvbz and Bhvbz). We are monitored for this by the Province, the Central Holland Environment Agency (ODMH) and Omegam / GGD. Think of checking / on: UV installation, flow rate of the water, chlorine installation, water quality, legionella, safe and hygienic equipment (including: material changing rooms, material of floors), extraction system, ventilation, etc.

We work according to the guidelines: “Veilig Zwemmen in Coronatijd Hygiëne en Desinfectie in Badinrichtingen“, version 8 date 1 July 2020.
In this phase all swimpools must have – amongst others – the double amount of chloric.

All the Dutch measures against Coronavirus you can  find at the website of the Dutch Government

– Photo’s “our accommodation in the Corona-period
– Corona-news 8.05.2020 (about payment during our Corona-closing)

-1,5 meter distance between the chairs, In this case coughing shields are not necessary, but we have them anyway between the chairs.
-markings on the floor

Photo: For the duration of the Corona-period we created a temporay “landing” (under a shed), to use as waiting-area during the transsition of lessons.

Photo: Every single child (always) has a personal dressing-room that can be locked. During the Corona-period we have a dressing-room-system.


Photo: Different infectants available ready for use

Photo: In front of the entrance a small table with desinfectant hand gel.

Photo: And when the weather is nice you can sit at our Patio (as usual).