Explanation for how to make a reservation for a catch-up-lesson or an extra-lesson

In the week-scheme are the ’temporarily available spaces’ :
In case you want to book a catch-up-lesson.
Is only possible when the cancelled lesson of your child was filled up by someone else.
In case you want to book an extra lesson (€ 26,- euro)

Sometimes there are no dates in the week-scheme.
• This is possible when nobody is absent
• This is possible when one fail to let us know if a child is not able to attend lessons.
Iif there are no available spots in the scheme than the service stops and you have to try it again on a later moment.

Explanation on the catching up lesson
It can happen your child is missing a lesson because your child has other occupations where on, at that moment, is given more priority than to the swimming lessons, for example a birthday party, a festival at school, a trip, etc. But it can also happen that your child is missing a lesson by supremacy, for example logistic problems or sickness.
If your child does not appear at the swimming lesson, the reserved time will not be used, concerning the continuation of the swim school the tuition fee is charged, after all the cost for Private Swimschooll Renz van der Toorn continue. Refunds of fee of missed lessons are not possible, also not at sickness.
The catching up service is meant for the children of parents who have let us know in time that their child is not able to attend lesson (which made it possible to put this spot in the week-scheme in time, so others others were able to use this spot) + whose absent lesson is actually been filled up by someone else.

• Catching up lessons are not tied up to a period, you can catch up in the same week, the next week, next month, etc.
• Catching up lessons are for the child who missed lessons and are not transverable to others.
• Catching up lessons are only possible for regular swimming lessons, inside the normal weekschedule (not possiblbe for the acivities that are organized – every now and than – outside the normal weekschedule).

Explanation on the extra lesson
In case you can not make use of catching up lessons but you want to make use of a temporarily available spot (for example to let your child have some extra training), you can let us know you want to make use of a temporarily available spot as a “extra lesson” (see the form below). Extra lessons are charged separately.

How do you know when your absent lesson has been filled up by someone?
• When you notified us in time about your child’s absence by e-mail, we put the timeslot on the schedule.
The shorter the notice of a cancellation, the smaller the chance that your lesson will be on time in the week schedule on the website.
• You have to check yourself whether your timeslot is filled up.
How do you do this:
1. When your timeslot is still in the schedule, it is not filled up, than it is not possible to book a catch up lesson.
Of course we refresh the site regularly, otherwise the schedule will be full with old timeslots, but unfilled lessons will be removed (during refreshing) the next day, never at the day itself. Your final check should be done at the actual day it concerns.
2. When your timeslot is not in the schedule at the actual day, consider it filled up, you can book a catch up lesson.

Attention please:
In case you ask for a catch-up-lesson or an extra-lesson, please always wait at the personal reponse of Joyce that the catch-up-lesson or an extra-lesson is okay.  Somethimes the spot is on the website, but just given away to another parent and Joyce was not yet ready to delete it from the website. A pity if you drive to the swimschool in vain.

Notice of absence
Catch-up-lesson or extra-lesson