Schedule request to Joyce

Dear parent,

Three times a year we have a placing round:
1. Exams in March, placement starting from April
2. Exams in June and July , placement starting after the Dutch Summer holiday.
3. Exams in November, placement starting from December .

When you have a schedule change request, please fill in the form, where you can specify your possibilities on days and times, also when you already asked me verbally.

When you have sent me the schedule change request form, I will do my very best to grant your request, when I have a spot available corresponding to the possibilities you gave me on the form, I will schedule your child on that spot.

Please take into account the following: When I grant your request and the schedule is completed, I can not turn it back, because your former spot has been given away to someone else and the schedule will be completely filled.

Unfortunatelly not always I get spots open on particular days and/or times. Due to Corona no spots will come open starting from September. This means I have to work with other schedule-request, to find a match. There is a chance that I cannot grant your request for that reason. In such a case there are 2 alternatives:
1. You put your spot on the website for catch-up lessons and follow the system (service) about catching-up lessons.
2. Stop swimming lessons and re-start at a future time. One drawback, your child gets rusty on the skills and needs a few lessons to get back on the level.

When I received your form, I always send you a confirmation a.s.a.p. If you did not receive a confirmation then I did not receive your form. In that case please send me an e-mail.

Kind regards, Joyce

P.s. For the schedule that starts from September 2020, please send the form at the latest Friday 10 July.  

Click here for the form