When closed

Closed: no regular swimming lessons 2020 -2021

1) Closed starting from Monday 19 October – Open again Tuesday 27 October

2) Closed starting from Monday 21 December – Open again Tuesday 5 January 2021

CLOSED 2021 will follow 

ATTENTION (a up untill e):

a) Subject to change 

b) I am not able to reckon with all the schoolholidays because of the following.
-In the Netherlands the schoolholidays vary: Per region (North, Middle and South). Sometimes per Municipality in the same region. Sometimes per school in the same Municipality
-The schoolholidays vary: Britsh School, American School, International School etc.

c) Most large (municipality) pools are open during Dutch schoolholidays.
In case you want to swim/play with your child during Dutch schoolholidays this is the place to go to.
They are closed at first and second: Easter/Whitsun/Christmas, etc.

d) Unlike the large (municipality) pools, my swimschool is closed certain periodes, but not by defenition each (Dutch) schoolholiday!
It is possible that my closingdates are the same as the school holiday of your child, but it can differ.
In case the schoolholiday of your child is not the same as the period that we are closed, please send us an notification of absence.
When my swimschool is closed the fee for swimming lessons is not charged.
The lessonfee is based on the number of lessons in a particular month, therefore the charge can differ per month.

e) Please reckon with the following (part of our conditions)
For the children who do not go to a Dutch school, please reckon with the following. We broadly follow the holidays of the Dutch Schools. We can not be hold responsable for the consequences this can bring, concerning catch up lessons and exams. (For example: We have exams, just before the Dutch Summerholiday. Sometimes the ASH ends 4 weeks earlier than the Dutch schools, sometimes the BSN ends 2 weeks earlier than the Dutch schools.)

Click here for all the conditions https://www.privezwemschool.nl/conditions/

See also conditions “closing dates”