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Please reckon with the following.
All contact and information (verbal, e-mail, website, etc.) is done in Dutch.
In case this is a problem for you, please registrate at a swimschool that is adjusted for English speaking/reading parents.

Because of didactic reasons:
-I teach in a group of 3 Dutch speaking.
-I teach in a group of 3 English speaking
-I do not teach in a group mixed speaking.
We always have a waitinglist.
The waitingtime for placement in a group of 3 English speaking is the longest.
Because the waitingtime for English speaking already was very long (and due to Corona is even longer),  it is not possible anymore to register when your child is English speaking. 
Please register elsewhere.
Below the conditions:See also “home”, CORONA-MEASURES.


Visitors Read more

ÔÇó My entire swimschool is set to a maximum of 3 swimpupils per lesson.
ÔÇó┬áThe waitingroom is small scaled, homely and private.┬áIt offers room to maximum 2 persons per swimpupil┬á(during changes/overlap of 2 lessons 2 times this number, during/changes/overlap of 3 lessons 3 times this number *). In case of a larger number of visitors the waitingroom is too crowded and besides this there will not be enough seats. If possible, we prefer 1 person per swimpupil (update 25 May 2020).
ÔÇó I understand that during the swimcourse of your child it incidentally can happen that you can not fit in the┬ánumber of visitors mentioned. The following is not ment unkind but, when you think that you can not fit in the┬ánumber of visitors structural, then please register at a large public swimmingpool designed to get┬álarge numbers of visitors. A child big but also/especially little is counted as 1 person.

*) To illustrate a timeslots-/calculation example:
-15.30 hours: 1 swimpupil + 2 visitors = 3 persons x 3 (because 3 children swimming in a group) = during this timeslot 9 persons
-16.00 hours = 9 persons
-16.30 hours = 9 persons
During changes/overlap of 2 lessons there can be present 2 x 9 = 18 persons

During changes/overlap of 3 lessons (when the 15.30 hours group needs a bit more time to dress/rewardsystem and the 16.30 hours group is very early) there can be present 3 x 9 = 27 persons
The above also reckoning with the evacuation-/emergencyplan.

PLEASE SEE OUR WEBSITE “HOME” “CORONANIEUWS” FOR THE CORONA-MEASURES AT OUR SWIMSCHOOL.┬á (Amongst others: because of the Corona-measures only 1 visitor per swim-child is allowed in our accommodation. A child is also counted as 1 person).┬á

Conditions concerning payment Read more

Payment is only by automatic invoice. Payment is done beforehand and every month. Refunds of fee of missed lessons are not possible, nor with sickness. However you can make use of my service of catching up lessons. (click her for more info about the service)
The lessonfee is based on the number of lessons in a particular month, therefore the charge can differ per month.

Registration fee
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When your child is actually placed at my swim school the registration-fee will be done by the first payment by automatic invoice. The registration-fee is the same amount as a regular lesson in a group of 3 children.

Exam fee
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To take part on the exam, exam-fee must be paid. In time you will get an e-mail in which the amount of the exam-fee will be mentioned. The exam-fee also will be done by automatic invoice.

Closing dates
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I am not able to reckon with all the schoolholidays because of the following.
-In the Netherlands the schoolholidays vary: Per region (North, Middle and South). Sometimes per Municipality in the same region. Sometimes per school in the same Municipality
-The schoolholidays vary: Britsh School, American School, International School etc.

The large (municipality) swimpools are open during Dutch schoolholidays.
Unlike the large (municipality) swimpools, my swimschool is closed certain periodes, but not by defenition each (Dutch) schoolholiday!
It is possible that my closingdates are the same as the school holiday of your child, but it can differ.
In case the schoolholiday of your child is not the same as the period that we are closed, please send us an notification of absence.
When my swimschool is closed the fee for swimming lessons is not charged.
The lessonfee is based on the number of lessons in a particular month, therefore the charge can differ per month.

Please reckon with the following 
For the children who do not go to a Dutch school, please reckon with the following. We broadly follow the holidays of the Dutch Schools. We can not be hold responsable for the consequences this can bring, concerning catch up lessons and exams. (For example: We have exams, just before the Dutch Summerholiday. Sometimes the ASH ends 4 weeks earlier than the Dutch schools, sometimes the BSN ends 2 weeks earlier than the Dutch schools.)

So please check the dates on this website.

Ending the swimming lessons
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Cancelling the lessons should be done by e-mail or a written letter.
The term of notice is 1 calender month.
Cancellation is only possible per 1 st of the month.
Example: When you want to stop the 1st of October, than at the latest let us know the 31th of August, that you want to stop the 1st of October. ( 1 September to 30 September is than the 1 calender month notice.)

Pace of matter during the exam 
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Private swimschool Renz van der Toorn works according to the (BREZ) which sets conditions to the measurements of the pool were the exams are held. That is why the exams are held in a large community pool and not in our private pool. The exams are organized by me (3 times a year), I examinate/test the children (so a well know person for your child) and it is supervised by an independent examinator for quality assurance.
The maximum number of exam candidates at an exam according to the BREZ is 100 children. But we have small groups during our exams. Our exams are private and we work with a guestlist. The exams are quit and calm, no crowds of children and visitors. It is a private exam. During the exam, the large pool is only accessible for my children and for the  people whose names are on the guestlist.

Spectators during the exam
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To keep the small-scale and quiet character of my private swimming school with an exam in a large pool I employ a restriction on the maximum number of pool spectators. A maximum 2 people per child who is swimming for his/her diploma, are allowed to sit at the seats around the pool. During my exam you will notice that it is precisely these small scale contributes to a relaxed atmosphere for the children who do the exam.
The second aspect is that the parents can sit front row to watch the proceedings of their child.
The third aspect and additional advantage of a manageable number of visitors is the speed of an eventual evacuation in an emergency. 

P.s. Above the guidelines in general. The details more functional and household will be given when you actually start.

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